Yes, that was an honest offer. And I would consider it an honor if you took me up on it. I appreciate you!

Think of how your mom or grandma might feel with a beloved photo cleaned up – be a blessing  to her! (Or let me take an ex out of one of YOUR photos.) Or pass your coupon on to someone else – the gift is transferrable.

  1. Scan  your photo. Do it at home, get a neighbor to do it, or visit any office supply store. Ask them to scan it at 300 DPI (“Dots per inch”) if you want the final print to be the same size. Want to turn a 4×5 into an 8×10? Scan it at 600 DPI – and so forth.
  2. Email the photo to me: If it’s too big, get a free DropBox account, put it there, and send me the link.
  3. I will clean the photo up, and send the new file back to you.
  4. Print the new file yourself, or upload it to a local photo lab’s website. Many office supply stores (and even WalMart) will print files for you.

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It’s on another of my sites, but I started you off here because this address is easier to type, and because you may know someone who needs voice work. -Tim

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