Welcome to my Fundraiser page. Glad you’re here!  

You were sent here by someone who is trying to earn money for a noble project.

I offered to help, by doing voice work. I earn my living doing this, so I’ll need to do paid orders first. But I’ll do as many of these as I can.

If you would like a birthday greeting from Gandalf, send me your child’s name, which birthday it is, and when you need this. Also, please send any additional tidbits of information which you might want me to include. You know, things like, “loves soccer” or “been doing very well in school recently” or some such.

I will do the work and send you a link to a YouTube video similar to this one:

Then you donate to the fundraiser that your friend is running.

Questions? Include them in your message. or call 208 274-3918.